Mele Kalikimaka

It’s the day after Christmas and all through the house…

Billy’s off at work right now and I finally took it upon myself to shower. I figured after wearing the same shirt since Tuesday it was probably about time. I’m feeling a little lonely and blue but can’t quite put my finger on a reason why.

We had a very good Christmas. It’s the first one in a while I didn’t get drunk. We didn’t drink at all, actually, and it was nice. We kept our tradition of holing up together at home and cooking all day long. Here’s this year’s menu:

* eggs benedict for breakfast
* garlicky cheese fondue with French bread for snack/lunch
* homemade pizza from scratch, including the dough – we topped it with ground sausage, peppers, onions, tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella. I wish I’d taken a photo of it because it was AWESOME.
* fresh homemade cheesecake, which we never did get around to eating – everything else was too good!

We gave and got good gifts all around. I feel so lucky to have Billy in my life. I wish I lived closer to some of my family, but it was nice getting to talk to them on the phone for a bit. We watched a whole lot of Christmas TV, starting with “Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” which Billy had found on DVD and surprised me with in my stocking. I cried at the end. I am such a sap.

I think it’s a little unfair that after all I did and tried to do in the last several weeks, I still feel like I fell short of the mark on so many counts. And now that I’ve got all the time in the world, all I have left to do is sift through the rubble I left in my path as I was plowing through my days. It’s a little depressing, to tell you the truth. But, I guess, that’s life.


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