Day in the Life

Meet the newest addition to our family. He is a purple betta fish that we have yet to name. Among the top contenders so far are Sue (short for Sushi, and also a reference to Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue”), Sammy Davis III, and Snoopy*. We are open to other suggestions, however. Please, anybody?

Also today: I bought a pair of jeans and two long-sleeved t-shirts at the Gap for $2.71. I love after-holiday sales!

*This is a throwback to the last fish I owned, Linus and Lucy (scroll down to see the posts).


4 responses to “Day in the Life

  • fiction dept

    $2.71 for a pair of Gap jeans and TWO long-sleeved t-shirts?!? That’s crazy! *jealous*

    We have sales over here in NZ, too, but I’ve never been to a sale THAT good!

  • fiction dept

    Mel’s two cents: You’re not allowed to call your new fish ‘Sue’ as a reference to sushi. 🙂 She says that if you name it Sue, it’s not going to live very long.

  • Harris


    how did you pay 2.71 fo that? did you have a gift card? are you cheating?!?

  • Caitlin

    OK OK, I will come clean and say that I did actually find a few ancient gift cards that still had a few bucks on them, but even before that it only came to like $30 and change. Seriously – today’s the last day – go to and look at their sale stuff, then type in “SALE” in the promo box. See what happens.

    And, as to our fish… I think we are going to tempt superstition and stick with Sue. So far he seems far healthier than any other fish I’ve known. He perks up when I come over and say, “hi, Sue!”

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