Power to the people.

I’m going at it hard and strong these days, this life thing. And boy are my arms tired [canned laughter]!

Since Saturday night, I have listened to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack 22.5 times. And, at the risk of being the world’s biggest cliche, I am willing to say that it has changed my life. Seriously, people. I listen to the music and I am moved to tears. This is not tearful music. It just makes me feel so… whole. Which moves me to attempt to move mountains. Or, at least, to run two miles before the crack of dawn.

In the last several days, I have accomplished more than I have been able to bring myself to do in the last several months. I finally took it upon myself to enroll in a 401k program after three years of saving and investing absolutely nothing! I started running again! I joined a gym! I went to the movies (which, if you know me, is a minor miracle since I see an average of about .29 movies every year) and actually liked it! I signed up to volunteer as a photography leader for a morning class in Brooklyn! I started a scrapbooking project… and FINISHED it! All because of this soundtrack.

All of which is just to say: Never underestimate the power of iTunes.


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