Too much: [too muhch] noun

1. the point at which I throw in the towel once and for all.
I am taking on too much at one time, so why don’t I just quit everything and move to a convent in Vienna?

2. the act of quitting school only to become twice as busy at work.
School and work were too much, so now I put in 70-hour weeks at work to ease the burden.

3. a feeling of being too tired to think in complete sentences.
Yo’ mama.

4. the attempt to change my entire life in two days.
Nothing in this world is too much for me to handle at one time; I am fucking invincible.

(See also: delusional)


One response to “Definition.

  • Karen

    Hang in there, Caitlin! It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. Give yourself a break. You deserve it.

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