Since Monday, I’ve slipped several notches in the phases of life from Raring To Go to Sleep Deprivation Haze. I imagine the way I feel tonight must be somewhat like an LSD trip, only without the little green men.

I’ve been waking up before the light of day all week so I can go and run and lift weights and all that macho stuff. Only I’ve been waking up in anticipation of having to wake up, a little earlier every day. I’m up to 4am today, on pace to be up for tomorrow’s workout before I go to bed tonight.

On top of this, I have had all sorts of things to learn on the job this week. Things like understanding sweepstakes law, drafting rules, and debating the nuances of the English language and all its legal implications.

So now I am sitting here watching football, struggling to stay awake until 9 or 9:30 so I can at least TRY to sleep past 4am tomorrow. And if this post sucks, all I can say is, it’s the little green men writing it. Not me.


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