Primetime Rambling.

Last night I had a couple of wisdom teeth pulled, and you should have seen me trembling in that chair, man. You’d have thought I was strapped to a chair about to meet my death by electrocution. My dentist must be the most patient man on earth, because he acted as though this was perfectly normal.

In the end, he only took the two top teeth, which is just as well because I’ve been such a baby over the whole thing that I have not moved from the couch since I got home last night except for the two times I got up to take naps in the bedroom. I can only imagine what this weekend would have been like if he’d taken the one that is impacted.

So now I’m finally up off the couch, wondering what I’m going to eat tonight. The novelty of sucking on Pepperidge Farm goldfish is wearing off, and the mashed up banana and peanut butter I had for dinner last night probably isn’t going to cut it again tonight. I really should be able to eat solid foods by now, but as I mentioned before, I’m being a wimp and a baby about the whole thing. Last night I didn’t eat anything until midnight, because I was afraid my food would taste like blood. (Is that too much information?)

I’ve been tempted to meet my caloric needs through beer, but surprisingly enough, I’ve been on the wagon for two weeks now and I actually like the feeling of sobriety. Who’da thunk it? I know a lot of people have a problem with my sobriety, but I’ve just decided that from now on, I will tell anyone who questions it that I am pregnant. I figure that oughta fly for at least a few months, and by the time people realize it’s not true they’ll get the point.

And, speaking of sobriety: I can’t believe I am going to miss yet another year of TequilaCon. I considered flying out to Santa Fe on Friday night, staying for a half an hour at whatever final meeting spot is chosen and taking a redeye to Puerto Rico Saturday night so we can leave for our honeymoon bright and early Sunday morning, but was talked out of it by my level-headed husband. You guys, this just makes it harder and harder to accept the fact that I was THERE for TCNYC06 and never bothered to check for y’all downstairs.

I absolutely suck.


2 responses to “Primetime Rambling.

  • kat!

    if your wisdom teeth hole (i don’t know) keep bleeding try holding used tea bags over them. something in tea leaves helps coagulate blood or something. (i don’t know.)

  • vahid

    I thought it had something to do with the tannins in tea reducing the swelling. (clearly, I don’t know either.)

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