Not Dead. Yet.

I’ve had a rough start to 2009, being sick for half the year so far. What makes it especially difficult is that in the last five years, the most illness I have had to deal with are the couple of times I had a slight case of the sniffles. My body is not used to being ravaged in this way, and it has taken everything out of me and then some. The other thing that has gotten on my nerves is how I have been knocked so completely on my ass, and it’s for such a lame reason. At least if I was going to have to use so many sick days, it could be for something exotic and strange, or at least a little life-threatening. But NOOOO. Just a couple of nasty colds sucking the life out of me.

On one of the days I still had my wits about me, I decided to celebrate by joining the ranks of cool bloggers with iPhones. Billy and I each got one, and it is just about the coolest toy I have owned ever, with the exception of my cool as fuck camera that I got myself as a wedding gift, and, well, my laptop. I’m not usually that much of a tech geek, or at least I never really thought of myself in that way, but I have to say, it has been really fun playing with the new phone.

Of course, it was that same day that I came down with the second round of sick and spent the next four days in bed, too tired even to play with the phone. Today is the first day in several that I’ve had the energy to get up and brush my teeth, although I must admit I am already starting to lose steam again. Being sick SUCKS, people! And it does not help that I get to see all the work that is piling up back at the office, thanks to my work BlackBerry (which I will be returning soon, thank GOD). It’s a good possibility that I’m only getting myself well enough to go in and get killed by work when I go back.

I think I need to look into stress management classes.


5 responses to “Not Dead. Yet.

  • /brandon\

    i desperately tried to convince myself to buy one, but i hardly ever use my phone. in fact, it’s usually turned off. i would hate to let all that coolness go to waste.

  • Caitlin

    You are far too practical. Billy never used his phone either, and if you were to talk about the phone feature on his iPhone, he still doesn’t. But he hasn’t put it down once because what you CAN do is play on the internet ALL THE TIME.

  • Harris

    i assume you’re feeling better for manana?

  • Caitlin

    Harris – yes, I’m in! I can breathe, and everything!

  • Harris

    btw – if you feel like it, i have a guest spot on early show (6:30) at Gotham Comedy Club – You can get in free if you mention my name (but still have two drink min) – Josie will be there


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