Socially Disconnected.

I understand it’s a little taboo to talk about work on your website, unless your work IS your website, but I have to get this off my chest: My job is killing me. Every day the black circles under my eyes get a little deeper and a little darker and I lose a little bit more of my will to live. I know it’s only temporary (everything is) but damn. How many days until my honeymoon? (Not that that should be much consolation – I can only imagine the amount of work that will be waiting for me upon my return…)

In other news, I went back on something I vowed I would never do. This actually isn’t so surprising. For several years I adamantly vowed never to get married and now look at me. This, however, is a little less life-altering (or is it?). I went ahead and joined Facebook.

I justified this by claiming it was for research purposes for my job. With all the new emerging trends in viral advertising, and all the meetings I’ve been taking with people having to answer, “So how does Facebook work again?”, I couldn’t deal with the chastisement any more and sucked up my pride and joined. What’s worse is I joined under my real name! What has the world come to?

Anyway – feel free to send me friend requests but no promises that I’ll accept. And also no promises that I’ll have the time to respond to the writing on the wall (which, frankly, is an odd concept, isn’t it?) or otherwise. The best I can offer is a very definite maybe. Which, when you think about it, is still better than a very firm and very definite NO WAY IN HELL.


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