Not bad at all.

Today is one of those days where I just generally feel really good about myself. First of all, you might notice that I’m actually posting something, which means that, yes, I do indeed rock the router hookup! One of these days I might get into the technical specifics of it all, just in case anyone else out there felt the same sense of rage I did. I’ll spare you that for now, though.

After work today, I went for a run outside, which I haven’t done in quite a while, and it was perfect. It is finally starting to feel like spring to me! I even saw a tree with buds forming on it, which to me seems rather early but I’ll take it. The run was perfect – it was about 38*F and overcast with just a spritz of rain here and there. It was cruddy enough outside that there weren’t too many people around but nice enough that I could enjoy the scenery without feeling uncomfortable. I ran along the Hudson with a view of the Statue of Liberty on my way back. At one point a huge flock of gulls took flight in front of the Statue and it made me think how cool it is sometimes to see nature interact with the City. No matter what we do to the land, it’s still the land, you know? I felt like I was flying with the birds.

We got our cruise documents today, and our shore excursion is booked, as well as our 90-minute couples Swedish massage. Oh my god, are we excited. To say we are frothing at the mouth would probably not be an exaggeration. Billy is particularly excited about the 24-hour pizzeria that will be on our ship.

And, I got a raise today. It’s a small little raise, barely a blip on the radar, but it came with a nice pat on the back and a sincere, “wish we could do more but you know, the timing sucks.” Sometimes that’s enough, you know? Made me feel good about my work, even though I go there to drown every single day. At least there are people out there who appreciate my ability to drown with a smile.


One response to “Not bad at all.

  • Karen

    It’s nice to hear when you are happy. Seriously. It’s nice to hear from you anyway, but the being happy part is good, you know?

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