Today totally kicked my ass, which I guess is only fair since yesterday I kicked so much ass myself. My left ear became clogged at some point last night while I was sleeping, and has yet to pop after leaving the office over an hour ago. This has developed into a headache over my left eyeball and surges of tears coming from my eyes that I can’t control. I’m exhausted and hungry and feeling rather off balance, given the ear situation.

I had to leave the office a half an hour early today to get out and run to blow off some steam. I must have needed to blow off a lot – I ran close to 3.5 miles in about 36 minutes, which included 10 minutes of walking, so I was running much faster than my average 12-minute per mile pace over the last eight weeks. I got lost when I got to the Staten Island ferry terminal. The GPS I was using shows all my wrong turns and I have to admit it’s pretty amusing to see. Too bad the GPS doesn’t also show the spot where I encountered the wild turkey (the animal, not the bourbon, though the bourbon might have been just as cool). You don’t see that too often in the downtown quarters of Manhattan, but like any good runner blowing off steam, I just acknowledged it and moved on. Others felt the need to take pictures. And then probably go home and eat its cousin for dinner.

So there are good things, even though I’m ready to cut off my ear and feed it to the wild turkeys. I got home to Billy cooking dinner, and he says it will be ready in eight minutes. It smells so good – I can’t wait.


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