Back in style.

So last week, you may remember, I was touting my own genius at having finally figured out and solved the router issue that was preventing me from accessing the internet with my own computer. And then I suddenly fell off the face of the earth again? Yeah. My computer kicked the bucket. Froze up and refused to do a single goddamn thing.

I could have made more of an effort to fix it, but in the end, I ended up with a new computer. And, it is HUGE.

I’ve moved on from the laptop era to a desktop, and the monitor is almost twice the size of my old one. I feel like I need to sit across the street in order to not feel like I’m sitting inside it. It’s definitely a little weird. But a good weird.

Of course, I can’t access my router from this computer. But at least I’ve got tonight.

UPDATED FIVE MINUTES LATER: …and the router is working! Yay!


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