Sunny Saturday Afternoon.

I’m enjoying my recent philosophy of trying to make my life as easy as possible. Today I did about a month’s worth of laundry, including the sheets, duvet cover, and knit blanket we use to cover the ugly green couch. Normally this would be a task I would curse, since it amounted to about six loads of laundry that needed to be packed up, carried to the basement, dragged across two buildings to the laundry room, and then folded, packed, dragged, and carried back home. But last week Billy made a solid investment of $25 and brought us home one of those nifty granny carts, and that made the job almost pleasant. It even has a basket in the front to put my laundry detergent, quarters, and a snack for the elevator ride downstairs. And the bonus is, I can see the bottom of my closet again, AND the couch no longer smells of potatoes and fart. This improves my quality of life by at least 30%.

The new computer is doing very well. I’ve quit uploading photos to Flickr since I realize that for once, the software on my computer is actually sufficient in itself for sorting and organizing photos. I found out yesterday that the whole of Adobe CS4 and the Wacom tablet I ordered through Billy (for a RIDICULOUS $600, god bless the students of the world) is on the way, and once that arrives, man, I will be unstoppable!

Today the sun is shining, the NCAA tournament is underway, and even though I’m sure I’m going to lose the bracket bet I have with Billy, I’ve got a beer in my hand, burger meat defrosting on the counter, and life is good.


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