One more Saturday night.

These past two weeks have been insane. I have been working to the point of blindness at my job, and after such long, grueling days, even after running three and a half miles, I still have steam to blow off, and so I’ve been going out drinking every night this week. My body is paying for it now, though, let me tell ya.

Today was a day of cleaning, laundry, food shopping, and gorging myself with food and friends. Keeping the trend going, and all. I finally installed all my new software and toys and now it’s a matter of learning how to use it all. Billy fears he may never see me again. Now he knows how I feel when he disappears to his NCAA football game on the XBox for hours on end.

Speaking of Billy, the poor guy has been suffering with severe tendonitis in his foot for years. It seems to come and go, but this bout has been especially rough and his doctor has remanded his foot to a hot little boot for the next two weeks. His doctor says (and I quote) he has “no idea” whatsoever as to what causes the tendonitis to come back time after time. He didn’t seem too concerned about it, either. Is it just me, or is that kind of unacceptable? I mean, that’s kind of like saying, “Yeah, I don’t know, maybe you’ll just never be able to walk again. Sometimes that happens.” It just sucks, because we’re pretty active people and we had all kinds of trips planned for this summer that involved things like biking, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, etc. Kind of hard to do those things when your foot is stuck in a boot.

Um, so, yeah. I’m hoping that this week is a little on the lighter side for me, mostly because I think otherwise my body is just going to kill me. Literally. I’ve decided to take a mental health day from the job on Friday. I have been thinking of going upstate to hike, or to go to the Bronx Zoo to take photos, or to go to the Cloisters because I’ve always wanted to go. This is all depending on whether or not I decide it’s even worthwhile to get out of bed at all, which I’ve also decided would be perfectly acceptable.

At any rate, I think I’ve spent enough time in front of the computer ignoring my husband for one night. Time to go in and interrupt his game playing and remind him why I’m so damn cute.


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