We head out tomorrow for our long-awaited cruise and we are both incredibly excited and all but crashing into one another in our frenzy to get ready to leave. In our minds are thoughts of: where are our passports, what books we need to bring to read by the pool, whether we have enough sunscreen, who is taking care of the fish and our plants, did we remember the luggage tags, buying shoes for the formal nights, how to pack, remembering extra pairs of contacts, breaking in our new Tevas, how many pairs of sneakers do we need, paying the rent and other important bills, remembering to bring a MetroCard for the ride home, figuring out what hotel we’re staying at in San Juan and then figuring out how to get there, printing out boarding passes, wondering which bathing suits to bring, digging out the formal purses for those nights we (well, I) need them, doing laundry, cleaning up the apartment, checking our flights, wondering whether 4 gigs worth of flash cards are enough for my camera, packing all the lenses, battery chargers, and accessories I may need for my camera while I’m there, wrapping up as much of the work I’m behind on at the office as possible, making sure all the right people have our emergency contact information (feeling grateful that the only way to reach us is by 900-number!), etc. etc. etc.

The only thing I know is that at this time tomorrow we should be taking off from JFK and heading to paradise (well, paradise by way of Atlanta, GA). By then all these swirling thoughts should be replaced with swirling swizzle sticks in my martini glass (you can drink martinis at 8am when you’re on vacation) and all the things I’ve been worrying about can just stay here in New York for a week while I enjoy a little of what life really has to offer.


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