Home Again, Home Again…

I’m back from vacation and not quite ready to face the realities of work, commuting, and the daily grind. It’ll be hard adjusting to making my own meals, 50 degrees and rain, and doing something other than lounging around in the sun reading a book.

On the other hand, that sort of hedonism can’t last forever. I feel relaxed but incredibly unhealthy. I’m sure my blood pressure has reached unhealthy levels, not to mention the expansion in my waistline. I am supposed to run a 4-mile race this weekend, but I have only run four times in the last four weeks. I think if anything, it’s time I put a few things in perspective. (I feel like a broken record writing that thought.)

There are pictures, oh yes. 423 of them, to be exact. I’ll be sorting through them as quickly as I can so you can feel as jealous as possible. Here’s a teaser from Antigua:


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