Running with Purpose.

If he hadn’t died from a sudden heart attack when he was 49, this year my dad would be 67 years old. That’s one of the reasons I am running the American Heart Association’s 5k Heart Run again this year: to keep his spirit very much alive.

I’m asking for your support again this year to help me on my mission. Money donations are always welcome, and you can make them on my personal donation page. I have to admit that I’ve been a little disappointed in the response to my solicitations this year. Even with the understanding that money is tighter than ever for almost everybody, I’d hoped to raise more than a hundred and eight bucks (having subtracted the hundred I donated myself – and thanking Siggi for her awesome $33 donation!). So, if you can, please donate to a really great cause. Even $5 goes a long way and is very sincerely appreciated.

But really, what I need right now are your words of encouragement. Leave me a comment. It doesn’t have to be anything outrageous – a simple, “Good luck on your run” or “Don’t trip over your shoelaces” would really go a long way. If I can’t raise a thousand bucks for a good cause, maybe I can at least raise ten or fifteen pats on the back or cheers from the crowd. What do you say? Can you help me get across that finish line?


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