Great Escapes

It’s amazing that we spent only two weeks in New York after our honeymoon before we felt we needed to make a desperate getaway to regain our sanity. Luckily Erica came to our rescue and put us up for a few days in her place just outside DC.

There’s something kind of romantic about riding a bus hundreds of miles down endless highway, knowing a good friend will be waiting at the end of the line with an awesome hug and long-overdue squeals of excitement. The 60’s rock on my headphones made the ride that much better, and when we got off the bus and found Erica waiting for us, the day went from great to greater in an instant.

We went to see the Nationals take on the Orioles, since Erica had gotten tickets through Stitch ‘n Pitch, a group of knitters who go to baseball games and knit together. Of course our tickets were invalid thanks to some strange fluke, so we were given seats directly across the stadium from Erica and her friends. But the night could not have been more perfect for baseball and we ate our hot dogs and enjoyed the sunset and sent about 25 text messages across the field so as not to feel quite so distant from our host.

We relaxed and ate and drank and relaxed and ate and drank. We played with Erica’s dog, Quinn (which really just means we gave into his demands to be petted for every second of every moment we were in the apartment). We watched movies. We bullshitted the night away.

It could not have been a more perfect weekend, except that it ended. Now it’s back again to the reality of real life. The life that involves a job I am hardly managing to tolerate and an apartment I cannot seem to wield the way I want it.

The nice thing is, I always seem to come back from a trip feeling inspired to make the important changes, and now I’ve got visions of socks and baby blankets to knit and an entire FUNCTIONAL office space, complete with purple walls. The key, of course, is making the visions into a reality, which is not typically one of my strengths. At least I’ve got another round of photos to help me escape the moment and my surroundings, even if only in my imagination.


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