Glass half something or other.

I managed to spend most of May looking inward at all the things I’ve lost, and all the things that are missing from my life. It was a pretty lousy month, all things considered, which is a pity since it was actually a pretty good month too.

But sometimes sitting around moping is part of the process, and I won’t deny that my reasons for it were damn good ones. I’m also not going to stand here and try to tell anyone that I’m finished, either. That party’s just starting, I’m afraid.

Even still, there is a point where I stand aside and look at that person so focused on the abysmal hole in her heart that she doesn’t see the good food on her plate, or the sunshine out the window, or the friends at her side. I look at that person and think, damn, she’s stupid.

All I can say is I’m trying. I’ve got the Zeppelin playing on the box, my most favorite book in the world on my nightstand, a new Ravelry account, and ten sheets of lovingly chosen scrapbook paper for my Africa album, and I’m doing what I can not to lose the little I’ve not lost before it’s gone, too.


3 responses to “Glass half something or other.

  • fiction dept

    the best way I’ve found to see your way out of the hole is to write a list of ten or more things you’re grateful for every day. yes… every. day. start with the basics: grateful for the air you breathe and the fact that you have a roof over your head at night, warm blankets to keep your warm, and a selection of clothing to choose from every day… water to quench your thirst… sun to light your way….

    within a month, you’ll find that the hole doesn’t seem quite so large and gaping.

  • Karen

    Oh, you joined the greatest social website on the planet (IMHO — I might be slightly biased because my life improved significantly after I joined). If you are looking for "friends" on Ravelry, send me an email with your account name and I will find you.

  • Karen

    Never mind. Found you. You can't escape that easily… 😉

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