In the last 24 hours I have purchased the following new items:

  • $65 worth of yarn and crochet hooks for my llama project (editor’s aside: I thought it was cute of me to buy alpaca for this project…)
  • 2 new sets of pajamas
  • 2 new running outfits
  • a new router (Remember the woes the old one was giving me? They got worse.)
  • a paper shredder so I could finally get rid of all those old paystubs and checkbooks that have been gathering dust on the windowsill for the last year and a half
  • file folders so I can finally put away the pile of papers that has been shifted from my chair to the desk to the barstool to the chair (etc.) for the last several months
  • Hold the Line” by Toto via iTunes
  • assorted cleaning items

The one thing I’d set out for today, however, I didn’t get, which was this file drawer so I can finally set up a functional office space for myself. They didn’t have any at the store, so I guess I will have to buy it online.

It’s amazing that even with all the money I spent (which was surprisingly little, with the exception of the llama supplies) I still have a list of things to procure:

  • paint for my office space
  • a desk lamp
  • um… a new car

Yeah, that new car thing… I’ve been mulling it over for months and with the auto industry being what it is right now, there’s really never been a better time to bite the bullet and do it. There have been so many occasions where I decided NOT to do something I loved because it would have been too much of a hassle to rent a car or take the train or arrange a ride. Things like, going to the beach just to watch the sun set, or going to my stepsister’s house to see my new niece, or going camping for the weekend… I know that after spending so much time working out a budget to save money and pay off debt it doesn’t make much sense that I’d want to buy such a big-ticket item, but the truth is, I have got to find some way to make the present tolerable, not just the future. I’m willing to stay in debt for a bit longer if it means I can do it without wanting to kill myself.


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