Woman Wins Epic Battle with Skein of Yarn


This evening at 7:04pm, Caitlin Regan won her epic 4 hour and 23 minute battle with her skein of beige yarn.

The yarn became impossibly tangled at approximately 7:40am when Regan was attempting to wind it into a ball. Regan spent the following hour and 23 minutes before and during her commute to work struggling to free her yarn from itself.

“There were some touch and go moments,” Regan said in an interview, “but I’m happy to say this is a battle I won, fair and square.”

Regan continued her efforts during her lunch break and for two hours after work at the office. “It’s hard to believe that it took over four hours to fix and just three lousy seconds to get into this mess,” said Regan.

Regan plans to use the yarn to make the muzzle of a llama in an ongoing crochet project.


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