Our long weekend, a recap.

It’s been an interesting weekend.

Saturday Billy and I left to go camping. I don’t know how many of you realize just how much it’s been raining in New York these days. Saturday night, the first night of our camping trip, close to another three-quarters of an inch fell on us. I don’t know exactly why I thought it would be fun to sit inside a 5′ x 7′ tent for 24 hours while rain pelted down on us, leaving us to avoid things like food and restrooms because then we’d bring the rain back into the tent with us.

What made it more annoying was that just before arriving to our site, I’d been issued a speeding ticket – the first ticket I have ever been issued, ever. I was pretty angry about that, particularly since we’d planned to spend Sunday CAR SHOPPING.

It was fairly miserable, really, though we did try to make the most of it. We’d luckily thought to bring along a deck of cards, so we played Rummy 10,000 (Rummy 500 would never have lasted long enough). We had our iPhones along and they were well charged, so there was that. And I had my camera. We were also lucky that our campsite had a platform where we put our tent. Otherwise we would surely have been flooded out.

When we woke up – which is kind of a misnomer, since that implies we actually ever went to sleep – the rain had slowed to a soft drizzle. It was enough that we could finally emerge from our cocoon to use the restroom and cook the hot dogs we’d bought for dinner the night before. We took down the tent, packed up, and left, even though we’d reserved our spot for two nights.

We tried to make up for the loss of our one shot at camping this year (thanks to a career in retail that leaves travel on the weekend something of a pipe dream) by car shopping. We hadn’t really intended to BUY anything yesterday. Just look. But buy we did. Pretty much. It looks like we will be the owners of a Hyundai Elantra. I am trying not to have heart palpitations when I think of what that means. It’s a lot of responsibility, both financially as well as moving the car twice a week for alternate side of the street parking rules, oil changes, EZ-Pass fees, registration fees, inspection fees, gas… This is not something we NEED, really. I’m feeling incredibly guilty about it.

But also just the tiniest bit giddy. It will be nice to be able to get out of the city when we want. And, lately we’ve been toying with the idea of moving out of Dodge when the lease is up on our apartment in just under two years. It’d be nice not to have to deal with purchasing a car when the terms are likely to be far less favorable and at the same time we are moving.

Places we expect to be able to go that would likely have been too much of a hassle to make it worthwhile: Beacon, to visit my stepsister and new niece; the beach, every weekend if I can manage it; Penn State for a football game in the fall; upstate to go canoeing with my stepfather; BJ’s for food shopping; Maryland, to visit my Erica! Yonkers, for a 4th of July barbecue.

Deep breaths. It will all be ok. I hope.


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