Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Been a busy week, and Gustave is back. I’m keeping him under control this time, but I do feel stretched in many different directions.

We picked up our new car on Monday night. So far we’ve driven it some 50-odd miles home from the dealer and across the street for alternate side parking. Tomorrow’s the first joy ride up to Yonkaz for a friend’s barbecue. Hopefully the weather will hold out for us.

Tuesday was dinner with friends and straight to bed with a headache and unceasing exhaustion.

Wednesday was yoga and immense waves of anger, directed at my husband, who fortunately for him was not home, since he’d surely have been the object of various items I dreamed of throwing at his head. Wednesday was a peanut butter sandwich and mint chocolate chip ice cream that I did not get to eat.

Thursday was out with more friends, wishing them well before their somewhat sudden decision to move from Staten Island to Ohio. I had my first beers in what feels like weeks, and have decided that I still don’t like being drunk. Of course when people see me not drinking they STILL assume I am pregnant. I guess I would do the same. Trust me, though. I’m not.

Today is a holiday from work, and I stayed in bed until noon watching Buena Vista Social Club, and now of course I’ve set up a Pandora station of Afro-Cuban music. Fun. Soon I plan to brush my teeth and put on pants. Maybe.


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