Boo. Ya.

Something I’ve learned in the years of owning my own little slice of internet heaven is that the less active my virtual life is, the more active my actual life is. This usually amounts to a fair amount of drama and insanity and can I just say, it is really frustrating that I feel so inhibited by the internet. The internet should be liberating in its infinite possibilities! It’s amazing how those infinite possibilities leave me feeling like a caged animal who can’t speak at all for fear of being struck down by internet lightning. And seriously, who wants THAT?

But anyway, yes. There has been drama these last months, and plenty of it. It has not all been fun or easy or even all bad. But I can’t write about any of it here. Hence the internet silence.

I’m here to break the silence to tell you the wonderful news that I’m sure you won’t care much about: Billy and I are going on a cruise to Cozumel for Christmas! We so can’t afford it but after careful reflection and emotional assessment, we decided we couldn’t afford NOT to go. 2009 has been one of the strangest, most emotional years I can remember, and some things I’ve done have been very therapeutic and others have probably exacerbated the problems I’ve faced. I don’t know yet which category this cruise is going to fall into, but we got our cruise documents today and got to pick out the seats on our flight to Miami, and so far I’m thinking it’s the former.

I have no idea if there will be any further updates to this site, or what they could possibly be at this point. I feel like a completely different person than I was a year ago. Not all the changes are for the better. I feel much less confident, and much less trusting of the universe, which has made me make much more conservative choices than I normally would. (Case in point: I chose to stay home and WORK rather than go to the 27th Yankees parade downtown.) But I also know that this is all part of a growing process and that eventually I’ll emerge from this and say, dude, what a WILD RIDE.


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