Out with the Old, in with the New

2009 was a tough year for me. I had to be more grown up than I have ever been before and found it harder than ever to be a kid. And yet I still found my way, navigated through the minefield and found my way to the cusp of 2010.

So, now that I’m here, now what?

I could lift that proverbial glass of champagne, make that proverbial toast, cheers to you and all that. Make the obligatory look back and the obligatory look forward. Mull over resolutions and plans and ideas (and wine?). That’s all right. It’s all all right, isn’t it?

I remember one Christmas several years back when we had all the extended aunts and uncles and cousins and friends and second cousins and brothers and sisters crammed around our dining room table. We were all talking together all at once, at least 37 different conversations, and it was merry and it was bright. There was good food on the table and my mom had decorated everything Just So. And the doorbell rang. And it was the guy who came to fix the furnace. Because, you see, the heater was broken. I don’t think any of us had noticed until he arrived, oddly. The love of our family had somehow kept us warm enough right there in that moment. We invited the heat guy to the table, and he hesitated just enough before saying no that we had to give him a plate to take home with him. And for that day, he was part of the family too.

When I raise my glass of hot cocoa this year, I raise it to those kinds of moments. The ones that seem so pithy when they happen and yet those same ones that stay with us forever. That’s what I want 2010 to be like. A year of memorable pithiness. Maybe not everything works out the way we want or the way we expect, but with the right people and the right attitude around us, it just feels right.

Cheers, friends. Happy 2010.


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