It’s coooooold outside… The wind chill right now is 3. Yikes! I’m glad I’m in my toasty warm apartment watching football today. And by “toasty warm” I really mean it’s nice that I can feel my fingers and toes without having to curl up in a ball under a really warm blanket.

I like 2010 so far. I mean, I know I’ve only experienced three days of it, but so far I have no regrets. I’ve managed to do some laundry. I put away groceries. I ate breakfast AND lunch. And that’s just today! Yesterday I went to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx for the first time and it was great (except for the 7-degree wind chill, although that seems balmy to me now!). Billy and I met up with Siggi, Brett, and Siggi’s parents for dinner. It was really a great night. We’ve done the first of our quarterly trips to BJ’s and stocked up on lots of essentials. And on New Year’s Day, we had the ultimate of holidays, spending it lounging around the apartment with Siggi and Brett and mountains of food. Bagels and lox and chive cream cheese and orange juice and M&M’s and cheese balls and homemade baklava and ridiculously huge cheeseburgers. We were too full to make the chicken wings or fondue, but they are ready and waiting.

Tonight it’s out to dinner to celebrate Sonal turning another year older and I’m excited to have another reason to get dressed and put in my contacts. I should probably do that soon.


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