Things might be kinda dull around here for a while… well, for you, anyway.

In about ten minutes, I’m going to heat up the oven to make the flank steak that’s been marinating for the last hour. We’re going to eat good this year. Or, at least, tonight.

I’m happy to see that some people noticed that some of my to-do list is near where they live, and that was entirely intentional. Good to know the welcome mat will be ready for my arrival.

Today was another good day! I even did a workout. It was a Wii workout, for whatever that’s worth, but it was one Wii workout more than I did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. Which has to count for something.

I was feeling superb and then I paid my bills. Holy crap. What the hell happened? I used to have enough money to pay my bills every month. Suddenly I am dipping into savings every month to make ends meet. I think I am going to have to reassess my budget soon. Luckily I was feeling good enough before paying bills that I am not totally derailed, but I could definitely use a pick-me-up.

The next thing on my list of self-improvement is to plan meals for the rest of the week and then buy the fruit and vegetables I’ll need to make them happen. Food shopping tomorrow night! Aren’t you enjoying the tedium of my life as much as I am??


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