Status quo.

This week has been dragging on. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. I think it’s been Thursday for at least three days now.

I started off 2010 with a bang. I was really enthusiastically excited about the prospect of a brand new year. That was week one. This week, I think I just got bored. I’ve been trying not to overdo it, which I am prone to do, and I’ve been trying to take care of all the responsible things that make me happy, like keeping the apartment clean and sleeping enough and cooking myself healthy dinners and working out and writing regularly. But I think I have forgotten an essential element in all this, which is that I need to have some fun stuff in all this too! It’s so hard to fit in the fun stuff when all the responsible stuff I need to do takes up so much damn time!

Case in point: It’s currently 8:51pm, I have been up and at ’em since 6:30 this morning, and I can’t think of one single fun thing I did for myself today. But I did get on that 9am call to India this morning! And I did get a lot done at the office! And I did go to my NAMI meeting after work.

Also this week was the reintroduction of television into my routine. I have worked at a television network for several years, and it was a great job and I will always have fond memories of that job, but I’m just going to state for the record: TELEVISION SUCKS! Literally. It sucks hours out of your day and life from your bones and your soul evaporates from your eye sockets. And yet if it’s on I can’t look away. And Billy is a TV addict. If he’s home, the TV is on. And there is no avoiding it. This week he was home early from work, and last week he was home late a lot. So the routine has also changed.

Maybe I need some new sock yarn. Or I could try to start putting together our wedding album. Or just sit in a quiet room with some music on and candles lit. Or get out a pen and paper and write down things I dream of doing. I have to remember that this kind of dreaming needs to be part of my day too, because it’s this stagnancy that burns me out the fastest.


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