Sofa saga.


I’m sitting at my computer and Billy’s sitting at his, and I can pretty much guarantee that the sites we are visiting are nothing like each other.

Our sofa bed is gone! What a fiasco. We picked up the sofa for free from a friend of a friend and so it only felt right to pass it on for free to someone else in need. I hope that Trinie, wherever he is, passes it on when he’s done with it as well. It will be like this fantastic sofa that lives this tremendous life all over New York City. Too bad sofas can’t take pictures and post them to the web.

Anyway, we got rid of our sofa and now we have this dust-bunny-ridden, sock-filled (none of the socks match, by the way), peanut-shell-piled area where the sofa used to be. Neither one of us seems able to bring ourselves to actually clean up this mess. I’m sort of thinking of getting some crime scene tape and making it part of the decor, or at least some sort of avant garde art exhibit. We can pitch it to the MoMA or something.

Yeah, maybe not.

Anyway, the fiasco behind getting rid of the couch really just comes down to we posted the thing on Craigslist, the guy responded to the ad, literally within SECONDS, we set up a time for him to come get it, and then, well, he didn’t show up. This all is well and good, because not showing up for a scheduled pickup is part of the Craigslist way, for crying out loud. But I became paranoid, because here I’d been a totally ridiculously stupid person and given him our full address and apartment number and of COURSE the whole thing was a scheme to find out where we live so he could break in with his buddies and steal everything of value we own and OOPS. My bad.

So when 5:30 came and went and then 6:30 came and went and then 7:30 came and went and Billy and I were sick of pushing back dinner for another hour for this guy who may or may not show up, I was starting to break out in hives. If we left the apartment, we were just asking for this guy to come in and wipe us clean. If we stayed, we’d starve. Finally at 8:00 we gave up and decided the hell with this guy, we’re hungry and we need a night on the town. And somewhere between the front door and the sidewalk, he finally showed up and he took the couch and when we got back from dinner all our possessions were still in place and all was well.

All of this rambling is just to say… I don’t know what. I’ll probably never read this again but consider the fact that I am slightly buzzed and no longer have a sofa to sit on, nor do I have any crime scene tape, and since I’m not tired I’m not going to bed, either.

Tomorrow is going to hurt.


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