Life IS Good.

About three and a half years ago I made the decision to quit my steady job and head back to school to get a degree in art education. This, within about a week of my being with the company long enough to have earned that precious third week of vacation that I’d never get to use.

I had no idea how I was going to support myself while I was in school. No job prospects, really, except for the babysitting flyers I was posting everywhere and the substitute teaching gigs I was trying to line up. Then one day on the way to the gym, I got a phone call out of the blue from an ex-colleague I had never actually met before in person. Apparently there was this possible temp position open as an ad reviewer and she thought I might be interested.

It was an eight-week gig at max, I was told, but it seemed like a good deal and the hours were flexible with my school schedule so I jumped on it.

I did the job, and I did it pretty well, to the point that they asked me to take the job they were trying to fill – the job they had hired me to temp at until they found a permanent hire. They knew art was my goal but they didn’t care. I just kept telling them no. And they just kept asking.

This went on for eighteen months. Eighteen months! For my 8-week gig! It was sort of a running joke. And then another person on our team left and there was another position open and well, they wore me down and there you go. Suddenly I’m a full-time employee by accident.

It was amazing, really. Here I’d left one corporate life to pursue the life of an artist and I’d ended up at in an even more corporate life. The weirdest part about it was that I actually liked it. Somewhere along the line, though, things with my family got difficult, I ended up getting married, and between all that, school, and work, I just couldn’t make ends meet any more. I made a very difficult decision and decided to put off school and stick with the job. And so I did.

And since making that decision, I have to say that I’ve actually enjoyed the job. I mean, it’s not exactly glamorous and it’s not much in the way of an adrenaline rush (I guess I’ll have to do more skydiving in my free time), but I enjoy it. It challenges my mind in a way no other job I’ve had has done. I like my colleagues. I’m happy there.

Today I found out that I am getting a promotion I’ve been wanting since before I got hired. I’m now officially a Legal Manager in Charge of Advertising Review. Good stuff, right? Remind me where the skydiving ranch is again?

Anyway, the promotion is great, and I’m very happy, but I think what makes me happiest is that I can sort of still see the teaching gig in the distance, and I can see where this job ties into it. I really believe that the Universe has a way of pushing us down the path we’re meant to follow, and this one feels completely right to me. I’m still paying down debt, I’m living comfortably, I’m actually using the degree I spent so much money on (and which I am still paying off), and when I’m ready, that little art gallery/cafe/learning center will be there waiting. And I’ll be more stable, have more legal experience, more people-leading experience, and more life experience than I ever could have had if I didn’t take this job on a whim three and a half years ago.

If you asked me today how I felt, I could genuinely tell you that I am happy. I am busting with happiness. Oh yes.


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