Not sure what to write about tonight. It feels like I had about three different days in one today. The one where I woke up and went to work and things were normal, the one where I decided against my better judgment to go to the gym and sweat my ass off, and the one where my head split itself open over the course of a few hours and tried to eat me alive. I guess this here is the fourth part of my day, the part where the Aleve has done its job and now I’m just in a sort of a daze, wondering where all these pretty colors came from. The world really does go black and white and spotty when your brain is splitting itself into pieces inside your skull.

I was going to write an ode to peanut butter, but then I ate the peanut butter and the moment passed. I thought about giving a pothos update, but truthfully, how boring is THAT? (Both mother and baby pothos appear to be doing ok these days – but the baby is not out of the woods yet and the mother has lost quite a lot of leaves.) I considered writing about the elephant I’m knitting, but I don’t want to share pictures in case it ends up being a gift (which, well, it is). I did cry tears of joy when I bought myself new double pointed needles last night. I needed size 4 in order to finish the elephant, because I’d lost one of my 4’s, but then I splurged and got a set of 0’s so I could make my first pair of socks! Now I just need sock yarn. So I guess I’m writing about knitting after all.

I guess on some nights there isn’t a whole lot to say, and that’s really ok.

Of course, I’m writing a lot anyway, but that’s just how I roll.


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