February 1, 1987

She came to the table in her furry bathrobe – her bright turquoise blue furry bathrobe – and I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos, much to her dismay. She’d not been feeling well, but that was no excuse to miss her birthday. Her 40th birthday, no less! We sang and we wore party hats and Dad cut the cake. It had to have been chocolate. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I think those were the Duncan Hines days. I’m sure the dog was standing by the back door, waiting for leftovers.

That’s how I’d like to remember my family. Together, smiling, and loving the small moments so much that I could remember them 23 years later. Meaningless, and yet so meaningful. The thought of her blue bathrobe today makes me sigh deep, long sighs.

I have had a hard life, and yet. It has been so easy.


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