Snow day.

The weather forecast for sure didn’t disappoint! I’m not good at judging depth, but if I had to guess, I’d say we got maybe 7 or 8 inches? And it’s still snowing. Now the wind has arrived and it’s blowing all the snow off the tree branches.

Days like this make me think of sitting beside a fireplace with my dog to keep my toes warm, reading a book or listening to music. I don’t have a fireplace or a dog, but I guess I have a TV and a husband, so it’s a start. I also have a stack of books to get through. I started reading Wuthering Heights, and I’m still waiting for the heights to wuther. I’m reading it on my iPhone, so I don’t know how far into the book I am. I’m guessing about 1/4 of the way through? I love Jane Eyre, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, but man, Charlotte’s sister Emily just confuses the crap out of me. I hope this book gets easier to read as I go on. And more interesting.

After Wuthering Heights, it’s on to book 3 of the Twilight series. Yes, more torture. I’ve gone back and forth on whether I want to read these books, and, well, I guess I just want to know how it ends. The truth is, though, that the books really give me agita. I can’t quite put my finger on why it happens, but the agony of reading these books really does manifest itself in physical pain. It must strike some deep-rooted angsty chord that I haven’t yet torn to shreds from my high school days, and anyone who said high school was not painful is just plain lying. Anyway, yes. I’m going back in for more of THAT, which is why I’ve had to purchase a few other books to read in between to give myself a breather so I don’t inadvertently jump off a ledge.

So after Eclipse will come A Beautiful Mind, which I’m reading because I really wish I could understand more about my mom’s mental illness. She’s not dealing with anything like what John Nash did, but still… I guess I just wish I could understand what she lives with day to day. Especially since we don’t talk much any more… I guess it’s my way of still being close to her. I miss her.

OK, then I guess comes whatever the last Twilight book is, and then The Lovely Bones. The movie seemed intriguing, and I’m sure by now I’ve missed my chance to see it in theatres, so I’ll read the book instead. I’m sure it’s better than the film, anyway.

My goal is to finish all this by the time Erica comes to visit in mid- to late-March, so that when we sit down to watch the Twilight movies (ugh, yes, I can’t believe it either), I will have finished reading the books under the power of my own imagination without any influence from some dimwitted movie director.

I hope it snows a lot between now and then, is all I can say, because I am going to need a lot of time by my fake fireplace with my fake dog to fit all this in.


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