Moving on.

Today I went to my colleague’s wake. I’d forgotten how strange it is to see someone who was so full of life the last time you saw them look so devoid of it in their casket. How unnatural their face appears with no muscles to keep their smile genuine! It was sad, but nice. Her sons will have lots of people around them to make sure they get what they need. They are surrounded by lots of people who care. That makes a lot of difference.

Today I’m feeling better about life in general. I’m doing what I can to focus on life rather than death, and it has helped. I’m knitting a lot and watching the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics, how cool would it be to be an Olympic athlete? How awesome to be that good at something so difficult! I wish I had a little bit more athletic talent, but I guess I can’t complain much, given the other talents I do have. And, I think, that being an Olympian has as much to do with possessing a healthy ego as with possessing athletic talent. You have to believe in yourself, at least a little, to do what these people are doing. I envy that. Not that I don’t have that self-belief, but it is so hard sometimes to translate that belief into actual achievement. I’m impressed.

Bit by bit, it’s all coming back together.


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