The gift of sight.

I just got home from the eye doctor, where I had my eyes dilated, so if this post looks blurry, that’s why.

Going to have my eyes dilated is one of those things that has taught me the virtues of patience, acceptance, and zen. About six months ago, my best friend Siggi accompanied me there to have this laser procedure done that would prevent my retinas from stretching to the point that they’d tear open, allowing microscopic amounts of eye fluid to seep behind them, blinding me for life. I was understandably nervous, I think, so it was nice to have her there. But there was not enough seating in the waiting room for everyone who was waiting, so we were ushered to wait outside the elevator bank with about 25 others who were also waiting for their eye appointments.

We waited for four hours before Siggi finally had to leave, and before I was even called in to get the drops to dilate my eyes. It would be another hour before I even had the procedure done. Not that I was in any rush to have lasers shot into my eyes, mind you.

Scenarios like that are pretty much the norm for this office, but you put up with it because the doctor is just that good. So when I arrived today to find there was just one empty seat in the waiting room, and it was directly underneath a television that was BLARING THE RIDICULOUS STORIES OF WOMEN WHO HATE THEIR MOTHERS-IN-LAW TO THE POINT THAT THEY WANT TO DIVORCE THEIR HUSBANDS on Dr. Phil, I considered it a good day.

I only had to wait an hour today, which was a great victory as well! And, I was happy to hear that although I still see flashes in my left eye, and although they have migrated to new places, the stretched-too-thin retinas are still doing okay. They are not worse. They’ll never be better, so not any worse is actually quite good. In four months I get to do this again! Woo-hoo!

All this just leads up to the climax of my day so far, when I was so grateful for my blurred vision, which saw its very first sign of spring, so early this year: I saw the leaves and stems of daffodils pushing their way up through the melting snow. I had resigned myself to a long, cold, hard winter and now it appears to be ending sooner than I expected, and oh, how great it is to be able to see that with my own two eyes!


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