Renewed commitment.

Today I went for a run. I guess that’s really not all that impressive until I start stringing together a few weeks of running a few times a week, but today’s run was different somehow. I was running in front of a mirror, and somehow that is a bit more inspiring for me. Seeing my body working, sweating, moving, keeps me motivated.

I’ve been pretty bummed to see the scale slip up and up after the wedding (now nearly two years ago!). I’ve gained back 20 of the 30 pounds I lost a few years ago, and I FEEL IT. For many pretty understandable reasons, I have completely lost my mojo to eat healthy and exercise.

I’ve made some choices in the last week or two that have helped me find a bit of that mojo again. So I do see myself sticking to my schedule, sticking to the healthy eating options, and losing that 20 pounds again. My goal is to fit into my wedding dress again by the end of the year (and, I think realistically, the end of the summer would also be feasible). If I can do that, I am so going out to a really fancy restaurant and wearing that dress.

I know, I know, another person committing to a diet that they’ll probably give up on in a few weeks (I have actually seen myself give up in only a few hours!), but I feel it this time. I’ve got something worthy to work towards. And in between, I’m thinking I may buy myself some of those DVDs on my wishlist I’ve been holding off on buying for so long. For each week I stick to the running plan, a new DVD.

Billy is going to love this, too, because the first DVDs on the list are every last season of “Sex and the City”! Hey, I think seeing me in my wedding dress again will be worth all the “Sex and the City” DVDs, if you ask me. This is going to be hard work for both of us.


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