Winter’s getting on to spring these days, and I can tell because it’s snowing a lot and next week is March and people are starting to walk around with their eyes all slitted and their hair all frizzy and they’ve just plain given up on the idea of clean shoes. And this is in a part of the world where it really hasn’t snowed that much!

But it’s getting on to spring, and spring means new growth and new life. It’s been hard for me to concentrate at work with all the possibilities on the horizon, not just for me, but for many of the people I know as well. Three new babies due in the next five months! A new marriage! 50th wedding anniversaries, trips to Hawaii (for more than one couple I know), family reunions involving family from all over the world… It’s a joy to have so much to look forward to.

There’s so much percolating, so many things coming together, so much joy, so much… I don’t know. I can’t quite explain it. Yes, it’s snowing and wet and dreary. But the daffodils are starting to poke their way up through the soil and the promise of their arrival makes the snow a bit more magical to me now. I look forward to seeing the snowflakes fall outside the window, drifting softly to the earth, keeping it ready for all the spring holds.


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