The flying phone

So, San Diego was great! What, you didn’t know I went to San Diego? That may have something to do with the fact that I think I left my soul there. I haven’t been able to string together sentences since then, and trying to do it has left me pretty exhausted.

But yes, Billy and I enjoyed the trip. It was a short one, but we had a good time and there are lots of stories to share. Like the one about how I didn’t sleep on the entire flight, and then at the end of it, somehow my iPhone slipped out of my hands during the landing and went flying all the way to the cockpit. And my body was all, dude, it’s 2:30am to you and you are way too fucking tired for this. And then we were all an hour early arriving to San Diego so we had to sit on the tarmac for a while and I was contorting myself into odd positions to try to see where my phone went (because I am WAY too prissy to unbuckle my seat belt and walk around the plane when the fasten seat belt sign is clearly illuminated), with no luck, because did I mention the lights were off? It was a tense moment in my life, one where I imagined people stepping on on my phone, cracking the face of it, stealing it, and never finding my brother, being abandoned in the airport and having to live there forever and ever. And so when we FINALLY got to the gate and I all but laid myself out on the floor to find the phone, everyone kind of looked at Billy like, “what the fuck is she doing?” And he just kind of tried to smile and pretend like he didn’t know me. Eventually the flight attendants caught on to the freaky girl on the floor and they were all, “Did you lose your phone?” And I pretty much cried and said, “YES! YES, IT IS MINE, HOW DID YOU KNOW?” And then we went home and had a case of beer.

The whole trip was kind of like that, only better. And I swear I will tell you about it, but I have to drag it out over a few days, because what good is a blog if you don’t have a reason to come back every day?


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