Wrapping up.

It’s so hard to believe I am STILL writing about my trip to San Diego. It was over two weeks ago, people! Oh well. In between today and two weeks ago, I found myself completely overcome with a total lack of willpower of any sort, so I think it’s kind of amazing that I even managed to get up in the morning these last few weeks. In case no one has ever said it, depression is totally debilitating, and it absolutely sucks.

Luckily I’m feeling much better now! And I’m ready to wrap up my recap of our trip to San Diego.

On Monday, Rob had to work, so Eric, Billy, and I directed ourselves to the beach, because west coast beaches are just WAY better than east coast beaches. It did not disappoint.

Rob reintroduced me to the idea of the “aerial” jump shot in photography, so we gave it a try. I like how I totally bogarted the whole frame. Because that is just how I roll!

After hitting the beach, we headed down to the San Diego Zoo. It was really fun. I’d been there years ago, but Billy and Eric had never been. I still like the Bronx Zoo better, but I will say the weather in San Diego was much better than the Bronx, at least while we were there, anyway.

I put together a short video montage of the zoo, if you feel like seeing pictures and videos of some really amazing animals.

And… that’s it! We left for New York at about 4:30am on Tuesday morning and the rest is history. It was just what we needed, and it was great hanging out with the other half of the family. Can’t wait to get back over there again. And I even got to check it off my list! This list is proving not to be the insurmountable mountain I thought it’d be, and it’s actually keeping me focused on the good stuff in life. I totally need that, too.


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