Here I go telling everyone I’m moving over to a new site and then I don’t post anything new for a week. What a great blog host I am!

It’s been a weird week. I ended up making a spur of the moment trip to Florida on Monday evening to take care of my mom’s new puppy while she was in the hospital. Not knowing how long she’d be there, I booked the return flight for Friday, just in case. As it turned out, she was home by Wednesday, which was good, but a tad unexpected.

Can I just say, my mom’s dog Beau is SO CUTE? She has a maltese-shi’tzu mix. He is 5 pounds, 14 ounces. He loves to run, jump, and play. He was definitely the highlight of my trip.

After we got home on Friday night, it was baby shower followed by breakfast with an old friend followed by a bridal shower and holy shit I am fucking tired now! Things don’t lighten up over the next week or so, either. Yoga tonight, running tomorrow night, a late meeting at work on Wednesday, a 9am call to India on Thursday, plus my Thursday night NAMI meeting, a wedding henna ceremony on Friday, a wedding on Saturday, a drive to Saugerties on Sunday, and then back to friggin’ work to do it again on Monday.

I’m giving up on housework for the month of April, I think. I’m just going to buy new clothes, preferably online for delivery, order takeout, and sleep in every free moment I have between now and May 1.

Yay life!


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