Busy bee.

Work is out of control busy these days. I’m not complaining, because that’s actually how I prefer it. But I will be happy when things settle down a bit and I can get back into having some free time to myself again. I’ve got about 200 photos on my camera waiting to be uploaded and shared, but no time to do it. I hate neglecting those innocent little photos.

Considering I spent 99% of my day today working or commuting to work (I did take 45 minutes for a gym class, 25 minutes for lunch, and 15 minutes for dinner), there isn’t a whole lot else to write about. Yesterday was not much better, and tomorrow surely won’t be better either. I’m looking to Friday for my first “break,” where I only have four hours of meetings and I get to pass on the commute since I’ll be working from my living room. Whew.

Some weeks are like this, I guess. Next week will be easier.


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