I’m so happy this week is finally over! I’ve been running at full speed for weeks now, and I’ve forgotten how to sit still. What a relief it is, nonetheless.

I’m excited to see leaves on the trees outside our apartment windows, a sure sign that “lazy” summer days are on the way. I hope I can find the time to sit under a tree, reading a book at sunset, or to go hear the Philharmonic play while lying on a picnic blanket in Central Park. I have found lots of excuses not to do this over the last few years, but lately I’m coming to the conclusion that those excuses are bullshit. Doing those things is just as important as everything else. So they’re staying on the list.

Spring is getting into my spirit this year. I’ve managed to be pretty consistent with my running again, and I’ve lost five pounds in the last three weeks. I’m looking forward to doing the Chase Corporate Challenge in June, and the Run Amuck race just a few days later. I’ve pretty much given up alcohol, which, surprisingly, I haven’t missed. It’s just not worth the calories or the diarrhea I inevitably end up with the next day. I know this makes me somewhat more unpopular than I was before, but, well, oh well. Can’t say I was so popular to begin with, and I’m feeling great these days, so who cares?

Baseball season has started, flowers are everywhere… things are really becoming these days and I just can’t drink it in fast enough.


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