Old Sturbridge Village

Over the weekend we found ourselves strolling around 19th century New England in Old Sturbridge Village, MA. It was so lovely to have the time to stroll with my husband, and we really enjoyed poking in and out of the buildings and learning all the different trades and crafts that people did back then. I think it’s interesting that there are people who still do a lot of these things, although now it’s called “art” or “craftwork.”

We especially liked the demonstration of the carding mill, where the sheep’s wool was being brushed by a water-powered machinery. All the noise of the huge wooden gears and rushing water literally shook the house above it. Looking at the machinery was pretty cool. You could sense what kind of investment it had to be to install something like that, and how much it helped increase output. The sign said that what would take ten hours to card by hand could be done in ten minutes with the machine. And so started the industrial revolution.

We also hiked some of the trails, which I particularly enjoyed because they were largely empty of other people. Being in the city all the time, I really relish the moments when I can be in a forest and not hear people talking or cars driving by or air traffic overhead.

Because we took our time in each of the buildings, we didn’t get to see everything. I’m hoping we can find our way back there at some point to see what we missed. In the meantime, I’ve got lots and lots of photos for remembering what we did see, and you can see the set here, if you like.


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