Getting Better all the Time (well, tonight, anyway)

I hesitate a little to say it, but things seem to be settling down a little these days. I feel like I’m getting into a bit of a routine and that feels good.

I got the apartment 90% clean last weekend, I got myself underwear that fits, doesn’t have holes in it, and isn’t stained, I’ve paid my bills for the month, and tonight I even find myself with a bit of free time all to myself!

I’m also getting closer and closer to catching up with my Google Reader… I’ve gone from the deathly 1000+ posts to just 219 in a matter of two weeks! You guys talk a lot. And when I say “you guys,” I feel pretty sure that most of the people I read on Google Reader aren’t reading this particular site, but whatever. It’s the thought that counts.

I’ve been knitting up a storm. Lots of babies on the way, which means lots of baby sweaters and baby booties and baby hats to knit for gifts. I’ve also started to knit my very first sock! I love the pattern, although in my excitement to start the project I didn’t bother checking my gauge. I tried on the first sock, which is about 85% done, and discovered it is VERY tight. I think it will still fit, but it might cut off circulation. I’m thinking I may just hang these on the wall somewhere so I can admire them every day. They’re so pretty.

It’s especially nice that the sun is out late and I can enjoy the start of summer. I’m looking forward to lots of evenings in the park, listening to opera, philharmonic, watching Shakespeare, classic films, and baseball. Summer is so best.


2 responses to “Getting Better all the Time (well, tonight, anyway)

  • Karen

    If the socks are wool you might be able to block them to make them a little bigger. I’ve heard you can cut sock blockers out of old vinyl placemats, but I’ve never actually done anything like that myself.

    There’s a tutorial here.

  • Jenna

    maybe you’ve just knitted yourself a pair of socks that help you reduce the chance of getting a blood clot?!?

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