Frisbee golf

Dude! It’s Monday! Do you know what I did over the weekend? I went to play frisbee golf, or as the professionals call it, “Disc Golf.” Since I am by no means a professional, we’ll stick to frisbee golf.

For the unanointed, frisbee golf is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s golf, but instead of hitting a ball into a cup in the ground, you throw a frisbee at a basket above the ground. It was interesting. Luckily we did not keep score. I do recall that I stopped keeping count of my “strokes” after the first hole, when I got a 6 on a par 3, which was probably one of my better holes.

Highlights: Well, there was that one time that I had to hunt down my frisbee in the swamp cabbage. Did you know that swamp cabbage gets its name due to the fact that it grows in a swamp? Yeah, I’m stupid. Stepped right into that one, literally, straight up to my knee. Then I had to play the remaining 12 holes with my feet and legs caked in mud.

Also, on Saturday there were incredible winds that did some incredible things to my frisbee throws. A few times I was under the impression that I was throwing a boomerang, not a frisbee. It would fly far, far out, and then the wind would catch it and pull it back, so that while I had actually thrown it 250 feet, it landed about 15 feet away from where I had been standing.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I mean, who even knew, frisbee golf? I’m sure I’d be crossing it off my list if I’d even thought of putting it there in the first place.


One response to “Frisbee golf

  • Jenna

    I LOVE disc golf! And even have several discs of my own: a long distance, middle distance, one that hooks to the left or right (can’t remember) and a putter! There aren’t any courses here in Christchurch but I used to play fairly regularly when I was in Austin. I found it a huge amount of fun, relaxing and challenging whether I played on my own or with others.

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