All’s well.

Today was a great day! The weather was absolutely perfect. While I would have loved to spend the day at the park, what we did instead was just as fun and far more productive. And, we still got to enjoy a bit of the outdoors.

We woke up late on a rare day off for Billy. And I do mean late. Normally on a weekend I’m up by 7:30 or 8am. Today we were up and at ’em around 12:55pm. This is thanks to a wild night in the city playing hours upon hours of Wii with friends. I think we strolled in as the sun was coming up around 5:45am. I haven’t done that in a LONG time, and with any luck, it will be a long time before I do it again. But it was fun.

Today we managed to get to the post office to ship off a gift for a colleague who is having a baby in July. Her due date is actually on my birthday, which I think is an excellent sign for good things to come. I made her a baby sweater.

Then it was off to the city to have some lunch. We dined in style at the bar at the Blue Room, which is our favorite spot in the city. We know all the bartenders by name and it’s pretty much as homey to us as eating in our own living room. That was nice.

We walked from there down to Barnes and Noble, where we piled up a stack of books about the Grand Canyon, so we could start planning our trip. I’m not much of a trip planner. I much prefer going where the moment takes me and seeing what strikes my fancy once I arrive. But we both agreed that having some general knowledge of what to expect when we were there would be a good idea. We chose a couple to purchase and take along with us, and left quite excited about our upcoming trip.

Then it was downtown to the outdoor store to get ourselves some sleeping pads for the camping trip. Sleeping on rocks probably isn’t much fun. I’m feeling a little skeptical that we are going to be able to get all this gear out to Las Vegas and back on the plane. We decided not to get the backpacking pads, which are smaller, in order to save some money. I wonder if that was a bad idea. At the very least, though, I know we’ll get use out of the ones we got, since we do a lot of car camping anyway. Camping gear is fucking expensive, yo.

Now we’re home, we booked our hotel for the two nights we’ll be in Las Vegas, and we are so stoked to get out there. We’re getting ready for a night of karaoke with friends and looking forward to a full night’s sleep. Please, please, a full night’s sleep would be nice. During the night-time, please.


3 responses to “All’s well.

  • Jenna

    Your trip to the Grand Canyon sounds exciting! Camping gear is expensive. When it comes to sleeping pads, I buy thermarest only – a good night’s sleep is priceless when you’re backpacking.

  • Chris

    Well Andrew certainly has experience with flying with camping gear, so if you have specific questions you could send them his way.

    Otherwise just get some nice big boxes or large duffel bags and throw all your gear in those. And don’t pack any fuel- buy that when you get there. I think my dad actually may have lost a stove one time because it still had some fuel in it.

    Good luck!

    • caitlinator

      Thanks for the tips! I was wondering about the stove and fuel, even if we checked it. I’ll make sure to leave that at home and buy it there. Also thinking we may rent sleeping bags there, although it seems kind of gross to me.

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