Stuff. And Things.

I haven’t been writing much due to a combination of the following (taking my lead from Neilochka’s tweets):

Laziness: 36%
Being too busy: 7%
Having nothing interesting to say: 42%
Withholding secrets from the internet: 15%

But the truth is, there have been some items of interest to write about lately. For instance, on Tuesday night, I went to the theater. And you know that when you say that, you’re supposed to say it all airy and breezy and haughty-like, pronouncing every letter as its own syllable – I was at the theahhtahh. Yes, the internet is wonderful for this kind of descriptive jewel of a moment.

Anyway, my aunt, uncle, and cousin came to meet us to see Chicago, which was a lot of fun! I can’t believe it took me this long to go see it, but I’m glad I did. The night was perfect, honestly, despite the fact that it poured like the dickens the whole night, and the restaurant where we were supposed to go to dinner had been completely gutted while I wasn’t looking. I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to dance on the table with my tambourine in hand while I’m eating my spaghetti and meatballs. Sigh. It’s the end of an era.

But, yes, it was a fun night.

Other things? I have been knitting like crazy. I’ve been a bit obsessed with some things going on in my life and have been in desperate need of a portable distraction. Knitting seems to be just the trick. So I’ve got three incredibly cool projects started. I can only tell you about two of them, though.

#1, my socks. The first sock is finished, and I tried it on, and it fits, and I like it! I’ve also started sock 2, and at this rate I should have a pair by the time it gets cold again next winter.

#2, an entrelac scarf. I have never done entrelac before, but I have recently decided to knit fearlessly, and it is paying off! This is a fun one to work with, partly because I love the colors and the texture of the yarn, but also because the pattern is a) easy, and b) slightly challenging. Meaning, I have to concentrate, but it doesn’t make my head hurt. It’s perfect work for someone who is avoiding thinking about something ridiculous.

And, that’s about it. For now, anyway. The good news is, life is good. And it is.


One response to “Stuff. And Things.

  • Karen

    No way! What a beautiful sock. And lovely entrelac as well.

    Also? I never pronounce “theatre” that way. But then, I just go to see plays and musicals. I don’t really think of it as going to the “theatre”.

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