Seeing Pink.

There’s been so much to write about this week, and no time to write it all! For instance, on Monday I went to see a production of Hamlet that was performed by one man who interacted with a prerecording of himself. It sounds so odd, but it was actually pretty amazing! We thoroughly enjoyed it – I wish the run was longer, because I’d definitely take people to see it. It’s closing tomorrow, so if you’re in NYC and you want to check it out, do yourself a favor and do: here are the details.

Then there was last night, when I went to a premiere party for the new Sex and the City movie. It was as pink and fabulous as a SATC premiere party should be, and the cosmos were served by shirtless men wearing bowties. Yum. They showed (soundlessly, alas) the first SATC movie at the party and then, properly liquored up, we shuffled across the street to our private viewing of the sequel. This is where it starts to get hazy for me.

I guess I enjoyed the cosmos too much, or maybe the vodka just didn’t mix well with the fresh air outside, but I think I made it all of about 20 minutes into the movie before I had to run down the stairs to the bathroom. Didn’t quite make it to the bathroom, though, and I ended up puking my guts up in the trash can by the entrance to the theater. Luckily there were only five or six employees to watch that spectacle and they just left me to it. I spent the rest of the night just trying to survive, and actually slept pretty soundly through most of the last two thirds of the film. The last thing I remember is they decided to go to Abu Dhabi? Or somewhere with a lot of sand? But that might just be me remembering the previews.

As much as I’d be willing to admit outright that I’m a goddamn lush, I just don’t think it’s true. I couldn’t have had more than four fairly weak cosmos, and I definitely ate before I drank. I’m going to blame it on crappy vodka and the fact that I hardly ever drink any more. Yeah. Let’s go with that.

All in all, it’s been a pretty good goddamn week, I say. And now I’m ready to embark on a three-day weekend with no solid plans and I’m so excited I think I may go mix myself a cosmo to celebrate.


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