A month, really?

OK, so it’s been approximately one month since I last wrote. There is no possible way I could catch up in any detailed way. Some of the highlights of the last month:

– I have worked harder than ever at my job and it has stretched me beyond capacity on several occasions. For some reason, I keep going back. I think I actually like it.
– I went to Maryland to watch all the Twilight movies with my Erica. I realized after watching them all in succession that they are all exactly the same movie. And no matter how much I wish for it to happen, Bella never dies. Bitch.
– I saw my best friend off to Oregon. Since I’ve known her, I’ve seen her off to a high school in a different town and survived, college in Ithaca, grad school in Wisconsin, and two years in the Peace Corps in Namibia, but watching her move to Oregon was the hardest of all. We had a great dinner with her family in honor of her birthday and I am absolutely ashamed to say that I was not sober for that trip. I blame the stress of item one on this list for that, but really that is no excuse.
– I celebrated my 30th birthday, a year late, at a Cyclones game in Brooklyn with some great friends and family. I got to throw out the first pitch, and the whole stadium sang happy birthday to the Caitlinator (I can’t tell you how many people at the stadium thought my nickname was totally awesome).
– I worked until 1am one day so I could get on the road to Maine in time to catch the last ferry to Peaks Island to visit my aunt and uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary. What a special occasion and a wonderful event! So pleased I could be there.
– I went camping at Acadia National Park, and had a blast – hiked 10 miles, biked 20 miles, kayaked 2.5 miles, and nearly killed Billy off in the process.
– I went camping at Woodland Valley State Park in NY, and FINALLY, after 15 years of wanting to, tubed down the Esopus Creek. It was quite an adventure, and one I hope to share with you someday soon, but not tonight, as I don’t have the energy to make it a good story.

I’m sure there are other things in there that I am leaving out, but it’s on my goal list to get enough sleep every night so that I can face my mornings (and the ridiculous stress of my job these days) and that means I am off to bed now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back online before the end of the month!


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