It’s past my bedtime. Again.

And here I thought I was getting into a good groove again. Ah well. No time like the present to break a trend.

Again, lots going on and very little time to appreciate it, less write about it. Big news of this week: Wednesday was my five-year anniversary for McDonald’s sobriety. I am really quite proud of myself – it was a 90-day challenge back in 2005, but when that 90 days ended, I found I really had no desire to go back to it. And I really haven’t missed it, either. In the last five years, the only fast food I have eaten has been pizza, Subway (but only a handful of times, and I hated it each time), and once I went to Roy Rogers with my aunt on the way up to Vermont because it was the only food on the highway. I had a chicken sandwich and a salad. It was gross.

I can honestly say that I don’t miss the grease and that I feel healthier for making this choice in my life. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to McDonald’s, unless it was the last place on earth and I was starving.

I’ve been getting very caught up in the moment and trying to do what’s “right.” This has meant late nights at the gym and trying to cook all my meals and get to the supermarket, all after a long day at the office. I come home tired and wasted from the effort. So today I gave it up, came home, took a nap, and have puttered around doing nothing of importance.

EXCEPT: Today Billy and I officially paid off all of our credit card debt. That just leaves another $49,000 (give or take $10 grand) in debts left to pay off. Hooray! I am still waiting to stumble onto that money tree – I should have figured out how much I spend on McDonald’s and put all that aside into savings to pay off my debts. Now that would have been special.


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