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We got our lease renewal in the mail today.

Up until about two weeks ago, we were thinking of potentially breaking our lease early to find a place in the wild where we could live amidst nature and barbecue our breakfast and play catch with our dog (which we would finally be allowed to have) without having to walk 3/4 of a mile to find an open space to do so. But, things change, and now it looks like we may be here another two years.

Billy is starting a nutrition studies program this semester so he can finally get out of the retail rut and do something he enjoys. While he could probably finish in a year, it’s probably best to do it in two, particularly since we sort of need his income and being in school full time and working full time is just crazy. Since the school is here in Queens, it looks like we’ll be sticking around for another couple years.

In all honesty, though, I may be disappointed, but this does give me more time to make the case for moving somewhere warmer instead of somewhere colder.


Holy crap.

So after all my bragging yesterday about all the zen in my life, today it all went to hell and I had one of the stressful sorts of days that made that trip to Acadia so important to my mental health. It was the sort of day that makes you wonder whether you’ll ever survive another moment, and when you do survive the next moment and even manage to get back to your own home where you can finally take off your shoes and your pants, you wonder – if you manage to get to sleep at all – whether you’ll be able to wake up, because quite honestly, having to face another stress cooker like this can’t be worse than bed sores and bad breath.

Stories from our tubing adventure still to come. But first sleep. Sweet, sweet sleep.

A month, really?

OK, so it’s been approximately one month since I last wrote. There is no possible way I could catch up in any detailed way. Some of the highlights of the last month:

– I have worked harder than ever at my job and it has stretched me beyond capacity on several occasions. For some reason, I keep going back. I think I actually like it.
– I went to Maryland to watch all the Twilight movies with my Erica. I realized after watching them all in succession that they are all exactly the same movie. And no matter how much I wish for it to happen, Bella never dies. Bitch.
– I saw my best friend off to Oregon. Since I’ve known her, I’ve seen her off to a high school in a different town and survived, college in Ithaca, grad school in Wisconsin, and two years in the Peace Corps in Namibia, but watching her move to Oregon was the hardest of all. We had a great dinner with her family in honor of her birthday and I am absolutely ashamed to say that I was not sober for that trip. I blame the stress of item one on this list for that, but really that is no excuse.
– I celebrated my 30th birthday, a year late, at a Cyclones game in Brooklyn with some great friends and family. I got to throw out the first pitch, and the whole stadium sang happy birthday to the Caitlinator (I can’t tell you how many people at the stadium thought my nickname was totally awesome).
– I worked until 1am one day so I could get on the road to Maine in time to catch the last ferry to Peaks Island to visit my aunt and uncle for their 50th wedding anniversary. What a special occasion and a wonderful event! So pleased I could be there.
– I went camping at Acadia National Park, and had a blast – hiked 10 miles, biked 20 miles, kayaked 2.5 miles, and nearly killed Billy off in the process.
– I went camping at Woodland Valley State Park in NY, and FINALLY, after 15 years of wanting to, tubed down the Esopus Creek. It was quite an adventure, and one I hope to share with you someday soon, but not tonight, as I don’t have the energy to make it a good story.

I’m sure there are other things in there that I am leaving out, but it’s on my goal list to get enough sleep every night so that I can face my mornings (and the ridiculous stress of my job these days) and that means I am off to bed now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back online before the end of the month!

Busy bee.

Work is out of control busy these days. I’m not complaining, because that’s actually how I prefer it. But I will be happy when things settle down a bit and I can get back into having some free time to myself again. I’ve got about 200 photos on my camera waiting to be uploaded and shared, but no time to do it. I hate neglecting those innocent little photos.

Considering I spent 99% of my day today working or commuting to work (I did take 45 minutes for a gym class, 25 minutes for lunch, and 15 minutes for dinner), there isn’t a whole lot else to write about. Yesterday was not much better, and tomorrow surely won’t be better either. I’m looking to Friday for my first “break,” where I only have four hours of meetings and I get to pass on the commute since I’ll be working from my living room. Whew.

Some weeks are like this, I guess. Next week will be easier.

The Simple Life.

Yesterday I sat down and started doing some serious financial planning. I took a job a little over a year ago with the understanding that its sole purpose was to help me pay down debt faster. Somewhere along the lines I got a little distracted, though. Suddenly, for the first time in my life, I had money! Like, plenty of money! So I went out a lot and bought a lot of beer and went on lots of vacations and bought an expensive computer and an expensive camera, all of which I have loved, but I still have that $54,000 worth of debt in my back pocket, making all of those things weigh extra heavily on my soul.

So I sat down yesterday and started crunching numbers and pounding out a budget. And now for the first time in over a year I don’t have a lot of money at my disposal. But last night I paid off the first of the three student loans that have been tied to my neck for the last 10 years, as well as the bill for the thousands of blood tests they ran when I was pooping blood a few years back, and the depressingly high bill for that excruciatingly painful wisdom tooth extraction I endured in March.

And I’ve got money going into savings, and money going into a health savings account (with pre-tax dollars, thank you!), and enough to pay for electricity and gas and rent and even a vacation or two here and there, and all the rest pouring into those debts. If all goes as planned, I will be free of all debt in 5.1 years or less, the less possibility coming from the decently good chance that I could get promoted sometime between now and then. Of course, these days promotions do not necessarily come with raises (because we’re supposed to just be grateful we get to go somewhere and pound our heads against the wall day after day), but maybe someday before 5.1 years is up, that trend will change.

Meantime, I’ve got no less than 75 different projects going on to keep me distracted from the fact that I’m spending 60% of my income on student debt for a degree I have no intention of using after I’ve finished paying it off. Lucky you, this blog is free and I get to use it to share in my (not-so-) newfound hobbies. Oh, the fun possibilities!

Aim to please.

I’m slowly trying to get my life together again. Over the last year or so things have slowly come unraveled one little thread at a time and now I don’t know what went where. Time to start anew.

To that end, I’ve created a colossal list of things to do, prioritized by day, week, month, year… I have no idea if I’ll actually stick to it, but right now it’s a relief just to see it on a piece of paper instead of swimming around in a tangled mess in my mind.

One of the things on my list was to write in my blog, so here I am. And just to prove that this site isn’t really here just for me, I’ll let you know that our honeymoon photos are posted up on my Flickr page and you are all welcome to take a look and tell me how much you love them. You’re welcome.


I’ve been having this fantasy lately (as of this morning) wherein I quit my job, leaving no notice, sell all my belongings, and hit the road to see where the horizon takes me. It’s very Kerouac of me, it’s true, but then I’ve always been a wanderer at heart. More than three years in any given situation and I get the itch to ramble on. I’m itchy again.

I’m thinking, if I don’t have the balls to make it happen in real life, maybe I could write about it as if it were really happening. Maybe I could give this daydream some life and dimension, if only in my mind (and on the internets).

From there, who knows?